Jana Petken

Multi-Award-Winning Historical Fiction

Jana Petken is a historical fiction author and screenwriter. She is critically acclaimed as a bestselling, gritty author who produces bold, colourful characters and riveting storylines. She is the recipient of numerous major international awards for her works of historical fiction.

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Oath Of Allegiance

Jana Petken presents the final instalment of the multi-award-winning, bestselling series, Swearing Allegiance, chronicling the Great War, the Irish War of independence, and the Carmody family’s struggle to survive the momentous events that have rocked their nation.
“A gripping, monumental adventure that gives life to one of the most tumultuous periods in British history.”


My #1 Bestsellers

"Award Winning Historical Fiction"

The Guardian of Secrets

After fleeing from an abusive husband accused of murder, Celia Merrill becomes embroiled in a Spanish Civil War.
Celia’s two sons march under opposing banners, whilst her twin daughters take different paths; one to the Catholic Church and the other to the battlefields. And in the shadow of war, a sinister villain from the past resurfaces with the sole purpose of destroying the entire family.
“Four generations struggle in a suspenseful family saga, which begins in 1912, in Kent, England, and ends in 1939 in Spain, during the Civil War.”

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Dark Shadows

When unimaginable calamities strike, Mercy Carver, a poor London woman, wonders what she has done to deserve such immeasurable suffering. It is only when she faces imminent death in the snow and ice-encrusted Virginia wilderness that she finally understands the power of destiny.
Mercy is passionate. She loves and hates in equal measure. Can love and hatred give her the strength she needs now to reach a Northern state, and free a runaway slave wanted for murders, she committed?
America and her people are strangled in an uncompromising political stalemate. Southern states have seceded from the Union, and a civil war is imminent. Mercy Carver’s journey is just beginning.

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Blood Moon

The unthinkable has happened. America is embroiled in a Civil War and Virginia has been invaded by a Union army. Mercy Carver ignores the dangers that surround her and treads a precarious road, using only her youthful passion and guile to guide her, and the runaway slaves she continues to aid.

Her love for Jacob Stone a slave owner, has grown, but even he does not have the power to stop her from fighting this war, her way.

Jacob, now an officer in the Confederate Cavalry, fights his demons and his growing mistrust of the woman he loves, whilst his old friend, Isaac Bernstein, a surgeon in the Union Army, refuses to give up on his pursuit of Mercy’s affections.

Where will Mercy meet her destiny? Will it be in the Confederate camp or will her journey lead her to the Union cause.

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Swearing Allegiance

An Irish Easter uprising lays waste to Dublin and fractures a British Empire, struggling to provide men and arms to defeat Germany.

In Dublin’s ruins, the affluent and celebrated Carmody family are not only forced to confront the rebellion’s devastating effects on their personal lives, but also the terrible secrets and lies, uncovered in the midst of grief.

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The German Half Bloods

Germany, September 1939. At the outbreak of War, Dieter Vogel and his family face catastrophic events and separation as each member embarks on their deadly paths towards survival, love, and freedom.

Dieter Vogel, a German industrialist, believes in protecting his family at all costs, but in a bid to keep his English wife and children safe, he is plunged into a well of deceit that tears the family apart. With no escape from the Nazi Party, Dieter risks everything to launch a daring attack on the SS extermination programme knowing that the price of failure might be fatal.

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The Vogels – On All Fronts

As Laura and Dieter Vogel settle into their new lives in the English countryside, their children struggle to balance duty and conscience in German occupied Europe.

European cities and their citizens feel the full force of German injustice, but not all are willing to bend the knee. From France to Poland, Resistance groups fight from the shadows to thwart Nazi rule, and their goal to exterminate Jews.

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Before The Brightest Dawn

In The German Half-Bloods and The Vogels, Jana Petken followed the turbulent lives of an Anglo-German family as they forged their paths through the Second World War. Now, the conflict intensifies in the Soviet States, North Africa, France, and the growing resistance movement in Poland.

Will Max, Paul, and Wilmot Vogel survive the most ruthless phase of the war to date?

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The Errant Flock

1491, Valencia, Spain. The ambitions of four men merge, conflict, and collide in a deadly game of intrigue.

Luis Peráto, Duke of Sagrat, sacrifices his own people to cover up dark secrets that could see him burnt at the stake for treason.

Sergio Garcia, Sagrat’s Lord Treasurer, is a cruel and unscrupulous man, willing to eliminate anyone who opposes his rise to power.

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The Scattered Flock

David Sanz’s journey south is halted abruptly after a devastating turn of events. In a tense battle for survival against thieves and the militia he has been fleeing from, he finds himself shackled and incarcerated in the prison he once guarded.

The Duke of Sagrat’s brother, Rafael Perato, has survived the war, and the royal court’s treacherous intrigues, but when news of his brother’s death reaches their Most Catholic Majesties his life is thrown into turmoil. Banished by the king, and tasked with carrying out insurmountable missions, he becomes entangled in a web of deadly plots and subterfuge, which threaten not only Sagrat but his very survival.

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Flock, The Gathering of The Damned

The Sagrat militiamen suspend their hunt for Alejandro and return to Valencia to discover that they have become the prey.

When Rafael Perato is abducted at the Inquisitor’s funeral, he finds himself facing a new and dangerous enemy. What his captor wants with him is unclear, but as the days turn to weeks Rafael is plunged deeper and deeper into a web of deceit, murder and betrayal.

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