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It’s been a while, I know, but I’ve been writing my wee socks off trying to get this book 3 of the German Half-Bloods Trilogy ready. Well, I have finished, not only that, but I have submitted the book for Pre-Order on All Amazon on-line stores.
It is a big story, and one never knows how much – how little to include in the book description. I can tell you that what’s not in the description are my feelings and emotions about this story. Whilst researching, I was both shocked and dismayed at the horrors and crimes perpetrated during the Second World War.
I have been asked by a few people if I am going to write a new WWII story after the German Half-Bloods. My answer was a simple one; no. After more than 1,800 pages, I have decided to move on to a new period in history and leave behind modern warfare, with guns, planes, bullets and exercises in genocide and racial cleansing.
“Where are you going now,” a close friend asked me, talking about the new historical period. She knows I love to skip from war to war, from historical period to historical period, and that I am always up for a challenge. Well, my dear readers, this new project will be a huge challenge, and I am going to tell you about it in my June newsletter.
BeforeTheBrightestDawn.KindleToday, however, is all about “Before The Brightest Dawn.”
Jana Petken’s extraordinary historical epic, The German Half-Bloods Trilogy, reaches its sweeping, heart-wrenching conclusion.
In The German Half-Bloods and The Vogels, Jana Petken followed the turbulent lives of an Anglo-German family as they forged their paths through the Second World War. Now, the conflict intensifies in the Soviet States, the boiling Western Desert of North Africa, and the growing resistance movement in Poland.

Will Max, Paul, and Wilmot Vogel survive the most ruthless phase of the war to date?
Max takes a path to momentous events in North Africa where he balances undercover games of espionage in decadent Cairo with dangerous missions behind the German Afrika Korps’ lines.
Paul’s loyalty to the Third Reich continues to wane as Germany’s extermination programmes in Poland expand, and he is stalked by the new Kriminalinspektor, Manfred Krüger. Can he stay one step ahead of a man who has been ordered to destroy him?
Wilmot faces new challenges in the Afrika Korps, but is he mentally and physically prepared to lead his men into Libya’s fiery desert and against the British 8th Army?
Before the Brightest Dawn, the long-awaited Book 3 of the Half-Bloods Trilogy, concludes the story of the inextricably entangled fates of three brothers … through a war that becomes increasingly brutal and cruel.
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