5th May 2020

Editorial Review, Before The Brightest Dawn Reviewed by Steven Robson for Readers’ Favorite In Jana Petken’s Before The Brightest Dawn, Book 3 of The Half-Bloods Trilogy, we are enfolded in a time in history that bears witness to the clichéd saying ‘war is hell.’ This is a story that reaffirms this wretched truth in a…

5th May 2020

Readers’ Favourite, Oath of Allegiance, Editorial Review, 5 Stars Reviewed by Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite Oath of Allegiance by Jana Petken is the second book in the Swearing Allegiance saga that covers the adventures of the Irish Carmody family, through World War I and its bloody aftermath as Ireland seeks independence from Great Britain….

26th March 2020

As promised, here’s my news. This story has been rambling in my mind for a long time. I asked a question not long ago about whether I should write another story about WW2, which is ‘in fashion’ as a sub genre of historical fiction at the moment, or should I write what I want, and…