Blood Moon: The Mercy Carver Series, on Amazon worldwide

Hi everyone
Blood Moon, the second volume of, The Mercy Carver Series, launches. Blood Moon3D1.
Hold on to your horses. it’s a wild ride!
Amazon, worldwide.

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  • Marcel Spenkelink
    3rd January 2015 - 1:26 pm ·

    My review of ‘Mercy Carver – Blood Moon’ It was written brilliantly. It was a very good read. The main character, Mercy Carver, finds herself surrounded by the Great US Civil War in which the North seeks to abolish slavery and get control over the South. The Southerners obviously have a different opinion and hence there was a war going. What it mans to be involved in something like that with your lover and your friends fighting on either side of the conflict and a vicious ‘left-over’ from your English background to deal with is superbly worded by Jana Petken in this 2nd Mercy Carver book. Again a 5-star historical fiction novel that will bring readers a lot of pleasure, excitement and a warm, comfortable reading.

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