Blood Moon

The unthinkable has happened. America is embroiled in a Civil War and Virginia has been invaded by a Union army. Mercy Carver ignores the dangers that surround her and treads a precarious road, using only her youthful passion and guile to guide her, and the runaway slaves she continues to aid.

Her love for Jacob Stone a slave owner, has grown, but even he does not have the power to stop her from fighting this war, her way.

Jacob, now an officer in the Confederate Cavalry, fights his demons and his growing mistrust of the woman he loves, whilst his old friend, Isaac Bernstein, a surgeon in the Union Army, refuses to give up on his pursuit of Mercy’s affections.

Where will Mercy meet her destiny? Will it be in the Confederate camp or will her journey lead her to the Union cause.


Boy oh boy! The second installment in author Jana Petken's Mercy Carver series, Blood Moon, is definitely a fantastic read, continuing the story of our heroine, Mercy Carver, as she strives to make her way in America. The country is now embattled in the Civil War, and Virginia has been invaded by the Union army. Working as hard as she can to be united with Jacob, who is now an officer in the Confederate Cavalry, Mercy also continues to help runaway slaves make their way to freedom. When Union soldier Isaac Bernstein continues to pursue Mercy, and Jacob seems to be questioning her more and more, and her old madam chasing after both her and Jacob with a seemingly ever-growing sense of anger and revenge, it seems less and less certain that Mercy's life will ever turn out the way that she hopes.

Blood Moon was a great book. I read it from start to finish, hardly taking a break, that's how much I enjoyed it. Author Jana Petken has done an excellent job in continuing the story of Mercy Carver. In the second book in the series, the action doesn't slow down a bit, and again, the historically accurate details in this novel will make the reader feel as if they are truly in the middle of Civil War era Virginia. Any reader who enjoys historical fiction, romance or a suspenseful read will simply love Blood Moon. I will be anxiously waiting for the next edition in the Mercy Carver series, and I hope that Jana Petken will be ready to release it soon!

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