14th June 2017

Hi everyone On the eve of Flock The Gathering of The Damned being released, I thought I would share a few more photos, taken when I went on my research trip. I really am fortunate to be able to find medieval treasures on my doorstep and being able to use what I saw in my…

23rd November 2016

Well, wasn’t that a blast! I’ve just got back from Miami after being honoured at the Readers’ Favorite Awards with two silver medals in Historical fiction, and things couldn’t have gone better. This is not a mind blowing post, but I wanted to share my experience with you, my dear readers.

24th August 2016

Okay, so I am almost ready to send my new manuscript to my editor. The Scattered Flock is set in the year, 1492, in Spain, which was in my humble opinion, the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of Spain’s golden age. However, this blog has nothing to do with books or what I’m…