Sequel to Swearing Allegiance!

Oath-of-Allegiance.KFHi Everyone

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written to you, but I’ve been working hard on “Oath of Allegiance,” the long awaited sequel to Swearing allegiance.

Here is the state of play: The draft is finished and the book is going to the editor now. It’s going to be a bigger book than Swearing Allegiance, but I did manage to cover the Great War and the Irish War of Independence.

I guess the big questions my readers have, are: Do Jenny and Kevin get together? Does Danny survive his wounds? Does Patrick recover his late father’s money from the College of Surgeons? And, the biggest question of all; do the men in the family survive the war?

Now, this is not the synopsis above. The book description continues to be my least enjoyable part of being an author. I struggle with condensing  a 5 hundred page book into a couple of paragraphs whilst trying to do justice to the story, but there you go, every author must go through the dreaded description unless they have a large staff who can take that task on their shoulders. Personally, I’d rather paint in numbers.

Okay, so while I’m here, I should mention that I’ll be starting a new book in January, and I am determined to follow “The Guardian of Secrets” and write another ‘Stand Alone,’ even if it is 700 pages long.

In other news, I’m home for Christmas, what are you doing? Whatever it is, wherever you are, have a wonderful family time.

Until January

Lots of love

Jana xoxo


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