Journalism, a dangerous job

It is sometimes difficult for those of us siting in our homes, reading or watching the news coming from the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe, to fully comprehend the dangers facing the journalists, who report the latest news from these areas.

Last year, 28 journalists were killed, most of them in Syria, Egypt, and Africa. Journalists are no longer a, “not to be touched” group of people and are, instead, now assaulted from all sides. They are killed in conflicts. They are arrested and imprisoned, as the three Aljazeera journalists in Egypt know all too well. They are imprisoned and looking at lengthy terms, unless a massive global campaign manages to get them out.
Journalists also face a new enemy, which comes from within their own governments, including western intelligence services in the US and Europe. Surveillance tracks their movements, puts their sources on the ground at risk, and at times, gags them altogether.
We must support journalists, no, more than that, we must actively take part in campaigns to free journalists on foreign soil for doing their job and delivering the news to us in our own peaceful lands. Join the Aljazeera campaign on-line and help free their journalists.

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