Kings and Bastards

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I hope you’re all well and getting through the Covid-19 situation as painlessly as possible. This has certainly been a difficult period for everyone, and it’s not over yet. Me, I’m still locking down when I can in my home town in Spain. It’s summer, people are out and about, and coming in from other countries, and it’s a shock to the system to see so many people after such a quiet spring. If you have a holiday coming up, have a great time.I had a research trip booked to Normandy, France, but I had to cancel it because of this virus. Thank God for the internet, for books, and maps, and academia papers, which have been invaluable to me in this subject. Let me tell you, researching events in the 11th century has been a challenge. As you know, the book is about the kings of that time, specifically William, Duke of Normandy and later King of England, and Edward the Confessor of England. We talk today about partisan reporting in the media, but back then, it was difficult to record anything because very few people knew how to read or write, and those who did were baised. The Saxon and Norman chroniclers painted very different pictures of the important events of the time, and both sets of Royal Chroniclers are guilty of excluding events altogether because they did not compliment their rulers. Talk about a rabbit hole of misinformation!

Here’s the news: My manuscript, Kings and Bastards, is now at 115,000 words. Now that is a good-size novel as it stands, however, this tome will go to 180,000, give or take a few words. I was determined to write a standalone instead of another series or trilogy. This is what you asked for, and it is what I’m going to give you.

I’m pretty confident saying the book will be out in October 2020. It will be available on Amazon in both print and ebook, and later in audio book version.

In the meantime, I hope you are reading and enjoying what you’re reading. Even in these difficult times, I hope you are able to be with family and friends.



In other news: I have just signed the contract with my audio book publishing company, Cherry Hill Publishing, for

Oath of Allegiance This will be audio book # 11, including The German Half-Bloods Trilogy, the audio #1 bestseller.Why I wrote the Allegiance Series

And finally, please follow for updates and news

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