The german Half-Bloods, March 2018

Hi everyone, hope you are well and excited about The German Half-Bloods being released at the end of March in ebook and paperback. It was an eye opening experience to write and to research this novel, and left me pretty emotional at times. After 4 years of research into the Third Reich, I realised that I was previously ignorant of just how bad it was for the ordinary German man and woman living in Berlin when the Nazis began their eugenics and euthanasia programmes. They gave me a new perspective in the Second World War and Hitler’s personal goals.
Here is the synopsis. Please leave a comment if you feel like. It’s always great to hear from you, dear readers. xxx
“Petken’s masterful writing brings the characters alive, making The German-Half-Bloods a riveting and poignant story.”
Germany, September 1939. At the outbreak of War, Dieter Vogel and his family must come to terms with upheaval and separation as each member embarks on their own treacherous paths across Europe towards survival, love, and freedom.
Dieter Vogel, a German industrialist, believes in protecting his family at all costs, even when that means bearing the heavy burden of deceit and holding dangerous secrets from his English wife, Laura. Can Dieter continue to lie to her, or will she learn the truth about his apparent love for Hitler and the Nazi Party.
Doctor Paul Vogel is forced to work in the Nazi eugenics programme, but the sterilisation of handicapped and mentally ill Germans is just the tip of a much bigger and more lethal plan for those the Reich deems unworthy of living. Paul, trapped by the SS, seeks help from the unlikeliest of people and is plunged into a world of espionage and murder.
British Army Major, Max Vogel, is attached to the Secret Intelligence Services of MI6 and Winston Churchill’s Special Operations Executive. His missions behind enemy lines in occupied Europe are fraught with danger, as is his love affair with a woman who belongs to another man.
Wilmot Vogel dreams of winning the Iron Cross, but when he is confronted in Poland by mass killings of Jews he questions his idolatry of Hitler and the SS and finds himself in Dachau concentration camp for the disenfranchised and criminal element of German society.
Hannah Vogel leaves Berlin on the eve of the German invasion of Poland to marry her fiancé, Frank, only to find he has been lying to her. Will his deceit, and her misgivings about abandoning her mother and father in Germany, ruin her hope of happiness?

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  • Carl A Vasta
    16th June 2018 - 5:59 am ·

    What a wonderful book. I was completely engrossed with the characters immediately. It was a joy to read. A lovely, complex story that simply carried me along. When can we expect book 2?? Thank you………

    • janapetkenauthor
      16th June 2018 - 7:34 am ·

      Hi Carl. Thank you for getting in touch. I’m glad you enjoyed The German Half-Bloods. The sequel, The Vogels, On All Fronts, will be out at the end of October, all going well. I’ll be blogging updates, and if you like, you can follow me here on my website.
      Best Wishes, Carl
      Jana x

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