Three years, and still kicking

2016-11-04 04.08.29Hello fellow Indie authors and readers
As I approach my third anniversary in the publishing industry, I have to admit that I’m surprised to still be here. Three years ago, I published The Guardian of Secrets, had a very small book signing, went to the beach, had a fancy cocktail, and then got on with my life. When no royalties arrived after the first, second, third, and sixth month, I started wondering about what I was doing wrong. Was the book a pile of illiterate rubbish? came to mind, first. That was followed by, did I upset people because there are a few swear words in it? Have readers stopped reading books? Is there a worldwide conspiracy against me, personally? It took me about seven months to finally come to the conclusion that one of the biggest reasons why I had only made, $12.00, was because no-one knew that the book existed.
Award Winning Historical FictionSince that piece of enlightenment I have tirelessly bothered people on FB, twitter, and any other social media site that I can get my hands on. If you are tired of seeing my book posts, please forgive me, but bear in mind that as an Independent publisher I am limited in my marketing avenues.
I think I’ve grown as an author. I no longer cry, go on hunger strike, and lock myself in my room when I receive a bad review. I take it on the chin and soldier on because I finally accept that not everyone is going to like my books, (my precious little babies) or tell me that I’m the best thing since sliced bread.
I’ve Also come to the conclusion that our biggest challenge is getting into the mass paperback market. Most of us Indies don’t have our books in major bookstores, and that’s not because we are amateurs, but because our products are printed on demand, making the novels more expensive to retailers than legacy published books. I’m an optimist, however, and feel sure that as we grow, so shall the demands for paperbacks written by Indies. After all we have broken many barriers and scared the living daylights out of the big five with our collective successes – It’s true, Independent publishers, can and do, produce stunning books. I’ve read many, and if you haven’t, try, just try them.
images-150x150I have also learned that, as much as I like plastering my face and my news all over the big FB, that site is not necessarily going to reach a new or expanded audience. At the end of the day, an author needs readers, so I have for the past year, invested money in mailing lists promos in order to reach those elusive 7 billion readers who might quite like to read my novels. A slight problem with todays mailing lists however, is that many of those subscribing to the aforementioned lists are other authors. I frequently receive emails from companies advertising my books, and as much as I would like to purchase them, Amazon will only allow me to purchase my own books once. Believe me I’ve tried to download my ebooks in bulk. It’s a non starter.
All joking aside, a very wise person once said that one should not look at how far one has to travel, but at how far one has come. So, I tell myself today on my third anniversary that I have not taken backward steps, that my audience is growing, and my passion for writing still burns brightly.
And to all my Indie friends…you rock. Keep on rocking!
The Guardian of Secrets, silver medallist, Readers’ Favorite, 2015 Awards. Outstanding Historical Fiction Book of the Year, The IAN (Independent Author Network Awards, 2016. Today, a #1 Best Seller, UK, USA
Dark Shadows: The Mercy Carver Series, Book I Silver medallist, Readers’ Favorite Awards, 2016, a #1 Amazon Best Seller, UK
Blood Moon: The Mercy Carver Series, Book 2, An Amazon Best Seller, UK
The Errant Flock, The Flock Trilogy Book 1, Notable Indie, Shelf Unbound Magazine Award, 2015. The IPPY’S 2016 Silver Medal, Europe-Fiction, across all genres. Readers’ Favorite, 2016 Silver medallist.
Swearing Allegiance, The Carmody Saga, Book 1 (It’s still a baby)
October, 2016, The Scattered Flock, The Flock Trilogy, Book 2 Its fate has yet to be decided.
Why am I blowing my own trumpet? Because I am tired of waiting for Oprah Winfrey’s reply to my 5,000 emails!.
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